Project Description

Advanced Alert is a Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0 solution which allows users having the ManageAlerts permission to create alerts on list or item for SharePoint groups.

In using the Alert Me feature on SharePoint lists or items, you can only create alerts for yourself or for several users. No way to create alerts for SharePoint groups. Advanced Alert adds a Alert Group link on the lists Actions menu and on the items contextual menu. It works exactly like the Alert Me links except that the Alert Group links display a page where you can create alerts for groups. Only groups having permissions to see the item/list are selectable.

Author: Jérôme Noirfalise


Unzip the runtime binary file on the server and launch the setup file.
Follow the instructions and select the web application(s) you want to deploy the solution.
Browse the Site Collection Features section on the site collection(s) hosted on the web application(s) where the solution is deployed and activate the Advanced Alert feature.


Feature activation

Alert Group on list Actions menu

Alert Group on item contextual menu

Alert Group page where you can select the group

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